Everything is here
another Mink during prison days
if my ass fits, i sit

It would have been interesting too, if Mink used a catapult to crash into Oval tower.

Ren: “So.. you guys are like best friends?”
Hersha: “We are B.B.B.F.”
Ren: “And that would be..?”
Berta: “Best bondage buddies forever!”
Beni: “you could fit a half of Midorijima in those eyebrows”
Tori: “……”
Can’t I have some cake with my biggest fans?
Mink when he just got in jail
[Incoming message from R-2E-054] Read it? [Y/N]
"Huh? Dolls don’t talk, Clear"
This isn’t what Koujaku wanted
I will save your soul from your past
Mink, my son. Someday my time will be over and you will have to protect our family. Just never forget, that no matter what you have done your family will awlays be there for you

So I was wondering about Mink’s coat, and I got an idea about it being his father’s
fallenzephyrart's palette challenge