Everything is here
Have transpent Mink
Morphine blue
"I will take you to my homeland"

I have been thinking of Mink a nest made out of his dreads on his head, more comfy for Tori (Especially when it comes to travel)
another Mink during prison days
if my ass fits, i sit

It would have been interesting too, if Mink used a catapult to crash into Oval tower.

Ren: “So.. you guys are like best friends?”
Hersha: “We are B.B.B.F.”
Ren: “And that would be..?”
Berta: “Best bondage buddies forever!”
Beni: “you could fit a half of Midorijima in those eyebrows”
Tori: “……”
Can’t I have some cake with my biggest fans?
Mink when he just got in jail